Toray Paper TGP-H-060~120   サイズ:10×10cm

Toray Paper TGP-H-060~120   サイズ:10×10cm

通常価格:¥2,970 税込
¥2,970 税込
商品コード: TGPH060-1005 ~ TGPH120-1050

Toray Paper is a carbon fiber composite carbon paper which has been used for PAFC and PEFC for decades and has proven durability. 東レ製紙は、何十年もPAFCとPEFCに使われて、耐久性を証明した炭素繊維複合材カーボン紙です。

Its high mechanical strength, conductivity, and gas permeability are suitable for use as a Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL)
in fuel cell applications.
その高い機械的強度、伝導率とガス透過性は、燃料電池アプリケーションでGas Diffusion Layer(GDL)として適当です。

Toray Paper – TGP-H – is made of PAN Carbon Fiber “TORAYCA” featuring high tensile strength and high modulus.
東レ紙は、高い抗張力と高い率を特徴としているPAN Carbon Fiber「TORAYCA」でできています。

 The fibers used in the Toray paper are firmly connected by carbon.

Product Overview

TGP-H-060 is a teflon treated carbon fiber paper suitable for use as a catalyst backing layer.
The teflon gives the carbon material a hydrophobic property to better function as an electrode backing material.

Technical Specifications:

Teflon treated(撥水加工):5%,10%,30%, 50%
Dimension(サイズ)       :10*10cm  40*40cm
  Toray Paper 60   – TGP-H-060 – total thickness of 190 um (microns) 
  Toray Paper 90   – TGP-H-090 – total thickness of 280 um (microns)
  Toray Paper 120  – TGP-H-120 – total thickness of 370 um (microns)

Characteristics Include:

  •High strength(高強度)
  •Excellent gas permeabilit(ガス透過性に優れている)
  •Low electrical resistivite(電気抵抗が小さい)
  •Minimal electrochemical corrosion(電気化学的腐食少ない)


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