Nafion Membrane NRE-212

Nafion Membrane NRE-212

¥5,610 ~ ¥24,640 税込
商品コード: NRE212-10 ~ NRE212-30


Nafion® Membrane NRE-212, 2 mils


•2 mil, (Thickness, Note: 1 mil = 25.4 microns )
•Product cut to dimension +/- 1% at 50% RH

The membrane is positioned between a backing film and a coversheet.

DuPont™ Nafion® 212 membranes are based on chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid/PTFE copolymer in the acid (H+) form, and exhibit substantially lower fluoride ion release compared to the non-stabilized polymer – a sign of improved chemical durability. Nafion PFSA membranes are widely used for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and water electrolyzers. The membrane performs as a separator and solid electrolyte in a variety of electrochemical cells that require the membrane to selectively transport cations across the cell junction. The polymer is chemically resistant and durable.


Nafion Membrane
100 g/m2
50.8 micrometer
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